Chalk it up!

"What's for dinner?"

Anyone else get tired of this question?  Honestly, in my house I don't REALLY get bombarded with this question, but I do have our menu planned out a week in advance (generally...) and it's nice for me to see it written out and displayed so I can easily remember what's going on this week.

I saw a bunch of chalkboard ideas floating around Pinterest and this one in particular caught my eye first:
I spent a LOT of time trying to find the right size board to make this.  Finally I gave up and repurposed something already hanging in my house.

This has been in our living room for the past year - we accidentally hung it too high so it's really pretty useless.  I can't use it as a mirror because I'm not tall enough and we don't keep our keys in the living room so it has been doing nothing of value.  I knew this would be the perfect thing to put to use for my chalkboard menu.

I decided I wanted to do a distressed wood look for the frame.  This part is fun - it's all about sloppy and haphazard.  I sanded down the original frame lightly so that the paint would stick to it well.  Then I used a really stiff brush to paint a thin coat of blue all over the frame like this:

See how you can still see the original brown wood underneath?  That's ok!

Then I went to town with my chalkboard spray paint - and sprayed several thin layers all over the mirror.  Some of it went on the wood, but who cares!  I'm going to sand it down and paint another layer on it anyway!  

(Here is where I got a TEEEENSY bit nervous that the chalkboard paint wouldn't completely cover the reflective surface of the mirror.  Not to worry though, another coat and it was totally fine!)

Once that was dry, I went over the frame with a thin paint of white - using the same kind of stiff brush.  And then I hacked away at it with sandpaper, making sure to sand down sides and corners and things that might wear away over time naturally on wood.

When I was happy with the frame, I added the spots for my days and menu items, and screwed the little hooks back in the bottom.

What do you think??  I love it!  And I'm excited that it leaves me a big blank spot on my living room wall to decorate with more Pinterest projects!