The Never-ending Battle

I would like you to meet one of my nemesis... don't judge, I'm sure you have a nemesis too:

Yes, my dishwasher is my nemesis (I blurred its face to protect the innocent, and the fact that you can see me taking the picture). I am working on having a thankful heart for my loud, old, craptastic dishwasher... it could be worse, I could be the dishwasher. As hard as I am trying to be thankful for this ancient lovely dishwasher, it's hard when every single thing I pull out of it seems to be cloudy and spotty and well, gross-looking. Since we moved into this house I have tried three different soaps thinking I could remedy the problem, nothing has helped... and then I saw this:

WHAT?? Could Pinterest save the day?? Apparently I wasn't the only one with the cursed hard water issue because over at Simply Designing it appeared a possible miracle cleaner had been found! HAPPY DAY! I was off to Walmart to buy the needed goods.

Here's what I picked up minus the Lemi-Shine, I accidently threw away the container, but it looks like this --

Basically I mixed:
2 C Borax (which ps, appears to be a wonder cleaner if you read the box, who knew??)
2 C Washing Soda
1.5 C Lemi-Shine
1 C Kosher Salt (weird, I know)

I mixed the whole mess up in a big bowl and stirred it every hour or so for about 5 hours (to avoid it becoming a large rock) and then dumped it into this handy jar:

and now......

for the results!


Clean silverware! Do you see that?? I know you aren't as excited as I was, but you didn't see it before that... wait, I'll show you the difference, then you'll feel the Ta-Da!

See? It's like I have a new spoon. I am a happy girl. 

Now, before you get as giddy as I am, let me tell you some of my thoughts on this Miracle Dishwasher Potion. If you are not a pre-rinser when it comes to the dishwasher, this isn't for you. I personally, hate it, but my wonderful husband puts the dishes in the dishwasher most nights and he is a pre-washer. I could immediately tell which ones he had pre-washed and what I had sort of chucked in there (ask him, he'll tell you, I have no method to loading a dishwasher). Second thing is this, I used about a heaping tablespoon of the Miracle Potion instead of the teaspoon, that was mentioned in the "recipe." A teaspoon did nada, it didn't even clean one fork, so I upped the amount. But regardless of the amount I used, I have clean dishes, without clouds and spots so I am now a fan of the Miracle Dishwasher Potion (that is completely my name for it, by the way and it will soon be scribed on that handy jar).

Happy Cleaning :)
P.S. ~ Try some white vinegar in the rinse aid spot and it will make your dishes even MORE sparkly!