Office Art... Pass the Mod Podge

I heart Mod Podge. Before you tell me its basically glue, I know, but I still love it. I don't know if its the bright label, the fun name or the childhood art class nightmares memories, but it holds a special place in my heart. It could have been for that reason that my heart skipped a beat when I saw this little project from bluecricketdesign.

Now this is not my first rodeo with covering something in old book pages. You may have noticed in previous posts that my kitchen desk/table/work area/Macie feeding station is covered in an old book. In case you have been ignoring my prior posts, I'l forgive you and show you my favorite part of my desk.
I know the words are a little small, but its a creepy pic of some lady and then underneath it says 
                   "Aunt Charlotte died suddenly, many people believed ________ killed her."  
WHAT?? Who killed Aunt Charlotte?? I hadn't even noticed that I destroyed the sentence with a stylish tear until months later when I was reading my desk to avoid paying bills.  

Okay, enough about Aunt Charlotte's mysterious death and back to the new project at hand. I read over the instructions and gathered my supplies... and then changed pretty much everything that was suggested, but I'm jumping ahead. Let's get to the easy part first.

I used the guts of the book that I had used for my nook cover, and tore them into big chunks and then went to town with my beloved Mod Podge on the canvas. I skipped the dainty brushing and just slathered the whole canvas with MP and then stuck the pages on the canvas and covered it again with MP (this time, be a little dainty).

Now we wait, as it dries.... and wait... oh and do the occasional touch up if any pages lift.... and then wait some more. No, I didn't actually stand there and watch this dry, I do have some other things to do (and its best to leave it overnight).

I know the original post is a pic of some cute birds, but these canvases were going to go in my office and I don't really want cute birds in there, so I changed it. I decided to use a pic of an old typewriter, some books and of course, a mug of coffee. I could never leave coffee out. 

This is where the initial post went awry. I was supposed to just trace the templates with pencil. Big fat fail. I don't know if she had magic pencils, but my pencils would not write on the canvas - trust me, I tried and tried. After my fail with the pencil, I traced everything with a thin sharpie. It gave me a little bit of a heart attack that I wouldn't be able to erase any mistakes, but paint covers a multitude of sins! This leads me to my next change - but first look at my tracing work:

What?? You can't see it in my amazing Where's Waldo picture? Look closer:

Now can you see it? Yeah, I know it's hard to see. 

Back to the paint. The pin I was using said something about coloring in with a marker and I wasn't sure how that would go for me and since I had some black paint (that covers bad tracing so nicely) I went to town with the painting. Have I mentioned that painting is super relaxing? Well it is. Try it. And...


I had to restrain myself from trying to hang them while they were still wet because I am super impatient, but I did it and hung them up and LOVE them. 

I think they add a little something to the office, which is seriously a work in progress. 
PS - Please imagine this wall in a lovely caramel or light teal color since I can't paint it right now.