Oh, snap

I love jewelry, y'all.

(Yes, this Yankee girl just said y'all)

Cute right?

Honestly, the most difficult thing about this making this cuff was dragging 2 kids along with me for the supplies.  Well that and the snaps.  Snaps will make you CRY.  Or possibly punch things.  Heck, you might cry AND punch things.  Either way, I won't judge.  Because snaps directions are basically Greek.

Anyway.  These are the tools you'll need:

A leather punch, leather snaps (find them both in Michaels or Hobby Lobby), scissors and a belt.  ALSO?  I got that belt for a dolla at the Salvation Army store here in town.  Anyone else start singing "dolla dolla bill y'all?" just then?  No?  Ok, moving on...

You're going to cut the length of the belt to where you want it - test it by wrapping it around your wrist, obviously.  Mark where you want the snaps to go.  You'll use the leather punch tool to (get this...) punch a hole in your leather on both ends.  Then you'll pop in those snaps and be good to go.

Unless you're me.  And the directions turn into gobbledy gook in your brain.  And you hammer and hammer and end up scaring the baby and making him cry for 10 minutes and you realize the snaps STILL aren't fastened right.

So finally, you head to trusty ol' YouTube and watch a tutorial.  And then it clicks.  And the baby isn't crying, and you're not crying and no one is punching things.

Instead, you're wearing a fun new wrist cuff.

Breathe a big sigh of relief.  Feel trendy.  Feel accomplished.  Feel rad.  Good job!
If you want BETTER tutorial directions - check out the original on The Mayfly