Precious Present Protection

My daughter bought me a Nook for Mother's Day. Well to be honest, I guess my husband actually bought it, if Macie had really bought it, she would be the smartest baby ever! (she still could be though, just sayin') Anyway, like I was saying, my brilliant daughter/husband gave me a Nook for Mother's Day and I was super excited. I needed the right cover for it though, I wanted to protect my precious present (say THAT 10 times fast) and it had to fit my bizarre unique personality. I kept toying with making one, but I wasn't sure where to start... and then I saw this:
I think it goes without saying, this is why I love Pinterest! Right there in front of me was a link to A Southern Lady's Ramblings and a lovely tutorial (that I changed some, because I can never leave anything alone). Now all I needed was an old book - check, and some fabric - check check. 

Okay, this is a little long so you have to stay with me on it ... trust me, its worth it. You're going to need a few things to rock this out:
Fabric (at least a 1/4 yard)
Glue Gun
Old Book (that is bigger than your Nook)
Exacto Knife
Velcro -or some other closure device
Got all that?? Good... here we go!

 Open the book and carefully cut out the pages so that the book lays flat. My book had a lot of glue in the binding so I had to cut the pages free, if you find that problem - try not to cut the spine of the book like I did.
 Now cut your fabric to be a few inches bigger than your book on all sides. I used two different fabrics for mine and over-lapped them because I'm crazy like that  but feel free to only use one fabric. Once you have everything laid out, glue your sides down, like so:

In order to have clean sides, you need to fold the sides over sort of like you are wrapping a present. I found that i had to trim some of the fabric so that it would lay down a little flatter. 

Okay, you're doing great (I feel like I should be motivational). Cut out a piece of fabric for the inside that is about 1/4 inch smaller than your book and then glue this to cover up your folded work (I know, its a little sad after all that hard work.)

Don't hate me, but I got a little distracted by a bored 6 month old at this point and forgot to take a picture of the ribbon. Its not hard though, you can do it! Start in one corner, on the edge of the fabric you just glued in and carefully glue your ribbon down over the seam. When you get to the next corner, just put a dot (and I mean a dot) of glue down and fold the ribbon down on itself to make a 90 degree angle, following your seam. Go all the way around the book and at the very end, fold the ribbon under itself and glue down to hide the edge. 

Now for the Nook itself. I am not going to lie, this part made me a little nervous. I was about to put my precious Nook within 20 feet of a hot glue gun.... breathe, it will be fine. Carefully put your Nook inside the book and measure the amount of ribbon you are going to need for the top and sides. To make this easier on myself, I glued one side down and then pulled the ribbon tight over the Nook and cut it so I knew exactly where I needed to glue the other side - when you do it this way, make sure you leave enough slack in the ribbon that you will be able to get the Nook in and out. 

Well?? How are you doing?? I mean, we're on the home stretch!! I wanted to have a cute closure for my cute cover, so I glued a piece of ribbon on the back and then added a little fabric flower that I had leftover from another project (to be discussed later). I used a couple velcro dots on the front (one to the back of the flower, one to the front of the cover) and...

VOILA, a brand new Nook Cover for me!!!