What is The Pinterest Project?

Welcome!!  We are so excited that you're here - we thought an introductory post would be a great way to start off what we think is going to be a really fun journey.   First things first - what is The Pinterest Project all about?  Basically, we thought it would be interesting to put all our Pinterest pins to good use and actually tackle some of the projects rather than wishing we were motivated enough to do them.

If you are scratching your head wondering, "What the heck is Pinterest?" - you can check out the site at www.pinterest.com  It's pretty much the best time waster ever on the world wide internets...unless you are like us and actually decide to put it to good use.  Because we don't believe in wasting time.  Ever.  AHEM.  (That's a joke...)  It's a really neat way to compile recipes, good ideas, DIY projects, clothing you love, and quotes that make you think all in one place.  Not only can you keep track of the things you come across during an online search, but you can see other people's ideas too!  You can search by topic or hobby or keyword - or you can follow friends and see what they're "pinning" to their boards.  It's a lot of fun, and there are some seriously creative ideas to be found.

So now that that's out of the way, allow us to introduce...us!

I'm Miranda.  I'm married to Todd, and mom of 2 boys - Logan who is 10, and Beckett, 12 weeks (yes, a little surprise baby.  A happy, happy surprise, but a surprise all the same)  I also have 2 stepsons, Justin and BJ.  There are a lot of boys up in this house.  This was one of the first pins I saw on Pinterest, and one of the first things I repinned.  I love it.  It describes our household so perfectly:

A lot of sports, a lot of testosterone, a lot of pee stains on the floor near the toilet.  Oh come on, you other boy moms know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  With all the boy stuff in my house, Pinterest is a site I visit daily.  I love DIY projects - although my husband will tell you I'm the queen of the half project - I am so easily distracted and will quickly move on to the next fun looking thing.  I also singlehandedly keep Keurig in business.  And I will kick your butt in Scrabble if you are up for a challenge.  

HI! I'm Jamie and I'm married to Allen. We have one little lady in the house named Macie who is 7 months old as of this week! She is into pretty much everything and would love to be able to eat my laptop/coffee table/foot if I gave her the chance! (and to clarify, she is a baby and not a dog... I know with my description it's hard to tell) See? Isn't she cute?

Here's what you need to know about me... I am not good at being still. I always need something to do, usually multiple somethings to do. When I first quit my job, I thought I was going to lose my mind!! We had just moved to a new place and I didn't know one person, so after 4 days of wanting to pull my hair out and ranting to Miranda online, I found a yarn store and learned to knit.... don't make fun! Once I realized that Macie didn't need a million hats, I decided I should knit hats for other babies (genius, I know) and started Macie's Little Hat Co. Knitting got my DIY juices flowing again so when a friend showed me Pinterest, I started to drool. I suddenly wanted to buy a sewing machine, find lots of old furniture to convert into amazing new furniture and use all of Allen's shirts to make dresses for Macie! I'm a tad impulsive (another trait to know) so I had to slow it down a bit .... and only use some of Allen's clothes. I am a coffee drinking fool, that hates correct punctuation and capitalizing in emails and probably uses sarcasm a little too much. I am still getting used to the SAHM gig and really really miss being able to take the doors off my beloved jeep! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Make sure to become a follower, because we'll be doing lots of fun projects and giveaways in the future.