Babies Never Listen...

I just got back from a week at the Jersey shore. No, I didn't meet Snookie or the Situation - it was my shore before they ever intruded on it and I wish they would go back to NY so I can have my boardwalk in peace!! Sorry, I can get a little fired up - small rant over.

We are now back home after a fun-filled trip (I have a mountain of laundry to prove it) and I have a couple failed pin pictures just for you! Yup, failed - big.fat.fails. because babies never listen.

I saw this pin awhile back and instantly loved it.
Don't you just want to hug that baby?? 

Somewhere in my brain I think I saw a similar pin of a baby on a beach. It could be my imagination though. Things have been crazy lately and well, I have a pretty good imagination and have been called crazy before.

While we were at the beach I decided to try to be creative with Macie and do my own version of the imaginary picture. I had the whole thing planned in my head. Would you like to know my plan? You would? Good, I'll tell you.

#1 - Draw Macie (her name, not her portrait) in the sand while she played for a minute.
#2 - Sit her down next to her name.
#3 - Take lots of cute pictures of her smiling at me.
#4 - Come home and frame a cute picture of Macie next to her name.

What is it that they say about the best laid plans? Yeah... this is what happened.

First I tried to write Macie's name in the sand while she tried to get a taste of the local land...literally. After I finally got her name written in the sand and cleaned her face for the millionth time, I sat her down and well... let me just show you our little session.

Hmm, what is that in the sand? Let me turn around and look at it.

Oh, I think I'll crawl over here, away from Mommy.

Wait, I forgot something.

I'm going to go this way now and still not show my face.

Ohhhh more sand!! I need to examine this.

I tried and tried to get Macie to look at me. I called her name over and over like a moron, I made noises and danced around. Yeah, it was quite a sight - I'm sure I entertained all the people around me. In the end, the moral of this pin-fail is this...

Babies never listen....

Not even cute ones. 

Go try and take a cute baby picture, maybe your baby will listen!!