Canning Should Be An Extreme Sport

I like to can. I may even have a problem. I have been trying to can anything and everything. It's getting scary in this house.

Okay, so maybe its not THAT scary... and maybe I just wanted a good excuse to show my cute little "helper".

Pinterest hasn't really helped my little obsession, there are all these tempting recipes to can. This pin from put-a-lid-on-it caught my eye and I knew that I had to make it... ASAP.

The idea of this recipe immediately brought me back to my childhood. For some reason I remember eating this on random occasions and I loving it! Yeah, I know, a 6 year old loving hot pepper jelly is a little weird. I was a "special" child. HA.

You'll notice the picture is a green jelly, not only is that not how I remember it, but I'm married to a southern man who also let me know that green is not the color of hot pepper jelly. Since apparently we voted against green in this house (Macie didn't get a vote), I decided to spice it up a little.

Don't be mad, but I can't tell you all the different peppers I used. The little farm stand had a couple baskets of peppers listed as "Hot Peppers" and a small hispanic man talking VERY fast in spanish was buying them up (after eating one whole!!) so I thought that they should work out just fine. 

After some eye watering from cooking a vat full of peppers, I learned a couple things. This is where you reap the benefits of me making mistakes this jelly first. 

Be very, very careful what you touch after you cut the peppers. I laughed in the face of the warnings, and then the peppers laughed at me. Let's just say, I went to move a hair from my face and well, it hurt... a lot. Also, try not to breathe while you're cooking the hot peppers down. It may singe your tiny little nose hairs. Last lesson, jelly is really really hot after the hard boil, so don't get distracted while you are ladling the jelly into the jars - it may lead to yelling and more burning. So to conclude, this jelly can cause a lot of different types of burning....doesn't it look radio active??

I'm kidding, that's just the sun. It really looks more like this:

You need to make this jelly - radio active and all. It's quite tasty with some cream cheese on a cracker. See? Just like this.

Jars, hot peppers, jelly -- GO!
Oh and feel free to go over to this post and print off some Hot Pepper Jelly labels.

Hot Pepper Jelly -- This makes 6 half pint jars

3/4 lb hot peppers, seeded and chopped
2 C apple cider vinegar
6 C sugar
2 pouches (1 box) liquid pectin)

Puree hot peppers with one cup vinegar in food processor. In a medium pot, add puree to the remaining cup of vinegar and sugar and bring to a simmer for ten minutes. Add pectin and bring to a rolling boil for one minute. Ladle into jars, wipe rims, attach lids and rings and process for ten minutes.

Happy Canning!!