Home Sweet Home

 We live in a cute little townhome community - we literally can walk out our back door to the farmers market on Tuesdays.  If we feel so inclined, there are NY bagels, NY pizza and an amazing waffle place across the parking lot.  BUT...everything looks the same!  I like finding ways to make myself a little different (nose ring, pink hair, tattoos anyone??)  So I figured why not spruce up our front door?

I got the idea from this pin:

You can read the full blog at The Inspiration Thief.

I didn't do a tutorial, because this is pretty self explanatory.  And I used materials I had lying around my house already.  I really love her use of the bright colors, but what can I say - after a week at Disney I wasn't feeling up to traipsing around town for new supplies!  I also decided to Mod Podge my letter as opposed to painting it.  

This is a fun and easy way to bring a little life to your front door without using a wreath.  I like it!

Hey All!!! I'm hijacking Miranda's blog today because she left out an important detail.... it's her BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday Miranda!! 

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