Knock Knock, Fall is Here

Fall is my fave. I mean - I love fall. There is something about apples, leaves changing colors, cool nights and oh, FOOTBALL - that just makes me happy. It doesn't hurt that fall colors are basically the color pallet of my life or that sweaters and hoodies become a perfect accessory to any outfit. When we still lived in NC (sigh) my husband and I would grab a couple sweatshirts and hop in the Jeep (sans doors) and head to the mountains. It is such a beautiful drive - I highly suggest it! Now that we are in Maryland and we have a baby, life is a little different and I am missing our drives on the Blue Ridge. That's the reason I decided it was time to get in the fall spirit and decorate our house, well at least my door.

Allow me to introduce you to my door...

Please ignore the overgrown mess at the stairs, we had A LOT of rain and (thankfully) it doesn't look like that after an overhaul by my husband.

The whole thing doesn't look very fall-like, as you can tell. I needed help, I needed inspiration, I needed.. Pinterest!


Apparently burlap appears to be a common theme for me. I looked at about 20 wreaths and finally decided that I would create my own version of them all. I had to gather some supplies, here's what I ended up with:

Once I had gathered all sorts of fall-ish odds and ends, the fun began.

I cut the burlap into 4 inch strips - I cut about 8 strips of each color because I wasn't sure how many I would need.

I wrapped the burlap around the foam ring, gluing it every few wraps so that it would stay in place (and yes, I had some yummy chai to help me along.)

After covering the ring in burlap, I gathered the strips on the front of the ring - I eyed most of the gathers as I went along. It has to be glued down as you go otherwise it becomes a big mess (yes, I am speaking from experience).

I decided not to cover the entire wreath with burlap so I could add my own little touches to it. What touches you ask?

These! I added a bow and some berries and leaves to add to the fall feel. 

And yes, that is a big ol' B painted in Virginia Tech colors (that happen to be fall-ish). 

Thankfully my door is no longer bare, and neither are my stairs! At the farm stand the other day, I found these pretty pumpkins and I thought I would share a couple pictures of them with you. 

 Aren't they so cute?? I love them and bonus - apparently they make killer pumpkin pie.  

Happy Fall, go decorate!!!

P.S -- The picture at the top is from one of our mountain drives in NC. Yup, its a good drive.