Mom to the Rescue!

I was a little hesitant - okay not hesitant, fearful. Scared. Petrified.

I needed my mom. (Don't laugh at me, I bet you need your mom too sometimes!)

Where was all this fear coming from you ask??

The sewing machine (I said, DON'T LAUGH!!) Let me explain. 

It had been a really really really long time since I had used a sewing machine (7th grade home-ec to be exact), but I really wanted to make a few things I had seen and for some reason my brain reverted back to 7th grade and I thought I would be an amazing seamstress. I just needed to get my hands on a sewing machine! Luckily, my mom has a sewing machine that she hasn't used in awhile so I thought I'd see if I could borrow hers the next time I saw her. Do you want to know what she said? Do you? Well, after she LAUGHED AT ME, she said "Well, that was the LAST thing I expected to come out of YOUR mouth!!" (loving, right?), then she said yes. After that I had an all new determination to be amazing, I'm talking Project Runway amazing! Well... yeah, not so much.

We had the sewing machine swap and I brought it home and sat it in the office and stared at it. It was scarier than I remembered. I stared at it some more - 7th grade was a long time ago, what was I thinking?? I let the sewing machine sit and sit in the office. A vase even fell on it during the earthquake -- oops. The machine had beat me. I was scared. I needed my mom. 

It's a good thing I have a cute baby that happens to be her only grandchild - she was willing to come and visit and help me with my nemesis. She sat next to me and walked me through all of the elementary stuff and didn't laugh at me (anymore). I even decided to make something. Yup, there is a point to this post!

This is one of the pins that caused me to want to do get the dumb sewing machine in the first place soooo....

I went into the linen closet and found a couple t-shirts (If you're confused by that, go to this post)

and made this!!

Isn't it cute?? 

Since I am obviously not a professional seamstress, I'm not going to attempt to give you a great tutorial. Go over to, its the one I used and it was pretty helpful... though its not that hard to sew the bottom of a t-shirt!

Yay for new grocery bags!! And p.s -- these are WASHABLE which is more than I can say for some of my other ones!!