The One Where we Pretty Up a Wipes Case

Once upon a time there was a girl who was very, very disorganized.  And then the girl had kids.  And kids have a lot of stuff...which made the girl very, very even MORE disorganized.  Especially her diaper bag.

It was like a black hole in there.  A grand canyon of sorts.  Diapers would get smushed into corners and she could never find what she needed.

So she made a diaper strap and they all lived happily ever after.

Ok, that fairy tale sucks.   But it's about me, I'm not gonna lie.  I was on Pinterest recently (shocking) and saw that my friend Brianne of The Photog Nazi had pinned this:

I was all over it.  It looked quick, easy and most of all - CUTE.  For the original tutorial, check out Calico.  Mine is almost exactly like hers, but I make my closure a little different, so it can fit a cloth diaper.

Ok, ready?
You'll need cute fabric of your choice, muslin, a sewing machine, a button & elastic OR velcro.  Measure the fabric & muslin into 18x8 inch rectangles.  

Place them both together, then fold and iron all four sides up about 1/2 inch.  Then you'll fold the fabric towards the middle from both sides.

(Do the same with the top.)  Then you fold that up again, until you have another rectangle of fabric.  Sew around your strip of fabric on all sides.  If you want you can add more stitches down the center, just for fun!

Try not to make them crooked like I did.  Whatever, I was in a hurry!

Here is where I went astray from the original tutorial.  She uses velcro to fasten the strip together and a cute button as decor.  Since I cloth diaper, I knew that my diaper would be bulkier than a disposable and may push the velcro apart as it gets worn down a little.  I decided to sew the button on one side of the strip, and add an elastic loop to the other side, like I did in my tote bag tutorial.  

And that's it!  Add wipes case, diaper and fasten.  So cute!  I think this would make such a great little baby shower gift, and it takes about 10 minutes at most to complete - WIN.