You Can Thank Irene...

Yup, give her a big thank you.

I guess I should start with a little explanation. I live on the Chesapeake Bay. Yes, on it – it’s across the street from us.  No, its not glamorous or as nice as you are thinking. Big Ol’ Irene got a LOT of news coverage for the last week or two, but the trusty Weather Channel never once really said what may happen to Maryland or the Chesapeake Bay(trust me, I was watching). They never said that she was going to come right up the Chesapeake and make me lose power and water and spoil all the food in my fridge and freezer. No, I still don’t have power. I’m currently using battery on my laptop and typing this in Word …4 days later.  I know. I am a little cranky from lack of sleep and a shower, I’m sorry, I’ll move on.

On the day Irene was coming, I had just finished canning some preserves and salsa because I didn’t want the strawberries and tomatoes to go bad. I had found these cute cute labels on Pinterest by merrimentdesign:

Aren’t they awesome??

I’ve been using them all summer for my canning and was planning to print off some more after finishing the salsa. That didn’t happen. The wind kicked up and the storm started to get a little fierce, we lost power and I may have had a small breakdown. I never realized how much I loved power until it was gone. It has the ability to take your mind off of trees falling into your house a lot of things. I needed a new distraction.

Distraction found: I would design labels for my canned goods myself, why not? So I designed away. I think I probably did about 12 different labels. I don't have a fancy program and I’m a little rusty on the ol’ Word so it took me awhile to get back into the swing, but then I started humming. Since I couldn’t sleep and everything was LITERALLY crashing down around me, what else did I have to do?? Here are some of the ones I did.

What do you think?

Here is where you can thank Irene. Since I went a touch label insane I thought, “Hmm, maybe my internet buddies would like to share in my insanity. Maybe I should make these a Printable for them.” Yup – that’s right. Just for you. Don’t cry if you don’t can, some of these are blank and you can use them for other things. I print them off on a giant Avery shipping label and then just use a 2" hole punch (or scissors) to cut them out. Easy peasy! So here you go!!

Why yes, you ARE welcome! (And if you hate them don’t tell me. I still don’t have power, I’m not sleeping well, I may not smell as fresh as my baby’s butt and I could snap as fast as the poplars in my backyard.)

But enough about me, what did you do while Irene was destroying my street and sanity?

*****UPDATE!!! I HAVE POWER!!!! We got power back last night and I was doing a happy happy dance with all the lights on, just because I could! Now that we have power, I think some of my rational thinking has returned, along with my cable TV.  This allowed me to see how much worse off a lot of other people are from dear Irene and it made me realize I should shut my face about being without power for 5 days. We were really lucky to only have lost some trees (that didn't hit our house) and our power. I am very very thankful for that.  I'm saying all this in hopes you'll forgive my post "from a dark place" -- direct quote from my husband. Thanks friends!

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