You've got the cutest little baby legs...

I am a cloth diapering mama.

I don't know what prompted this - but back when I was pregnant I became really interested in using cloth instead of disposables.  I bought a big kit and was so excited to put them to use.  Then disaster hit the Hahn household and our washing machine stopped working appropriately.  I attempted the cloth system but became nervous I would destroy the diapers so I sadly went back to disposables.

We have a fabulous new washer and dryer now and I have some amazing support system friends that are also cloth diapering so I am back in the saddle.

One thing about cloth though, is that it tends to be a little bulkier than a regular diaper.  Sometimes it's easier to put that cute little baby in cloth and let them hang out half nekkid.  But with fall weather around the corner (I hope...) that could get a little chilly.


the most adorable baby and baby invention ever.


These are an oh so perfect solution to cloth diapers and fall weather.  And heck, they're an oh so perfect solution to any occasion that requires super cuteness, cloth or not.  And they are crazy easy to make and I was thrilled to see them on Pinterest.

All you need are women's knee high socks (in boyish colors if you have a boy like I do), a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.  BUT WAIT...don't have a sewing machine?  Don't worry, I have some good news for you too.  After you pick up cute knee high socks, grab some Heat n Bond or other kind of Iron on adhesive.  You can use this to hem the socks.

I got my socks for $2.50 a pair at Target.  I grabbed everything they had which was even remotely boy like.  Then I cut off the foot part of the socks and threw those out.  In hindsight, there's probably a pin that tells you what to do with them but oh well.  If you are going to sew up the bottoms, just measure the length you will need for your baby, and hem/serge accordingly.  For you non sewers, cut a strip of the adhesive and iron on according to directions.

And that's it.  SERIOUSLY.  So easy.  So cute.  Just do it.

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