Knit One, Purl Two

I started knitting when my husband and I first moved, and I was pregnant with no job, no friends and too many boxes surrounding me. I was not so slowly losing my mind. I was used to always being busy,working, doing things, going places, working (did I mention that??) and well, having a life and then WHAM, we had move. Let's just say, after four days of not leaving the house or talking to anyone outside of my husband, I had a small meltdown. Yeah, it wasn't pretty - a pregnant, hormonal, friendless girl is not something that a husband wants to come home to. The next day, I was determined to find something to do. I hauled my pregnant butt into town and found a store that had a sign YARN BEADS. What did I have to lose? I went in.... and learned to knit.
Yup, that's my big knitting story. That was a year ago and since then I have amassed about a million patterns of things that I am sure that I am going to make. I even have a binder full of patterns that I grabbed off Ravelry with a little To Do list. Its one of those lists I add to, and then sort of forget about - (yeah, I have a blog list too... be scared... one of these days, I'm going to get productive!) 

When I saw this pin, I realized - it's on the Ravelry list!! It's a sign! I must make it! I went into my handy binder o'patterns and grabbed it. If you want it, go on over to Rewindknits and you can grab it to. 

The pattern isn't a hard one, so if you don't knit a lot or you're not that advanced, or you have project ADD, this is a good one - it doesn't take that long.

I will tell you this. I changed mine slightly because I used this cute bulky weight yarn and the pattern calls for a light-worsted weight. I decreased the number of stitches slightly by only casting on 7 stitches instead of 9 and skipping the last three increase rows. Make sure you check the length of it as you go, it's easy to make it too big for your noggin! The nice thing is that its totally adjustable because of the button. 

Yeah, so I tried to take a couple pictures for you to inspect my handy work, but as you can see, I have some work to do on my self-portrait skills. 

Not my best moment.

Luckily Allen came home and said it would take a couple for me. Of course, that meant that Macie had to be included in this fiasco. 

Oh yeah - those were way better - can't you see it all over Macie's face? She's SO happy to be a part of all this.

Maybe you shouldn't take my pictures as your gauge for making this headband/neck-warmer. Maybe you should make it since it's fun and cute and will keep your neck and or ears warm and hold your hair back. That makes this the perfect mom accessory, and I bet you want one.