K is for Kale

I've been on a kale kick lately. I keep reading about all the health benefits and vitamins and basically how it's one of the best greens you can eat.

Since its the wonder veggie, I thought it was high time this household found some good uses for it. When we went apple picking, the farm was growing kale and that was the final straw, it was time to figure this green out!

I bought a bunch (not a bunch like a lot - a bunch like a bundle, well not a bundle like a ton, a bundle like ... you know what I mean) and went looking for a recipe for kale chips.... yup, kale chips.

Exhibit "A"

 Exhibit "B"

After looking at a couple recipes I decided to wing it. I grabbed my bunch/bundle of kale, olive oil, a lemon and some salt and pepper and got to work.

Why those ingredients you ask? Because they seemed to be in all the recipes I found (allrecipes.com, paleodietlifestyle.com) with the addition of some more here and there, so I figured they must be the staples. 

After I washed the kale and broke it up into tasty bite-sized pieces, I spread it all on a baking sheet with parchment. I rubbed (yes, rubbed) about 2 tbsp of olive oil onto the kale and sprinkled it with a dash of salt and pepper and a tsp of lemon juice and then BAM - threw it in the oven at 325. 

The chips had to cook for about 30 minutes, but I checked them every 10, just to see how they were doing. I'm a worrier and I didn't know what I was doing, what can I say?

All Done!!! 

I have to say, the chips were quite tasty. They make a great snack and have a good bite. Don't get me wrong, there are not ever going to replace my beloved potato - let's not get crazy, but they are good. My husband thought that they had a similar to taste to roasted broccoli, but crunchy. 

All in all - a success! Stay tuned for more kale recipes, I'm on a roll!!