A pin a day...

I am lazy when it comes to my hair.

I put off getting it cut until I look like a wild hippie woman.  I haven't had it colored in over 2 years.  I rarely blow dry and style it.  I'm a ponytail girl.  I'm not proud of this, but it's true - especially with an almost 5 month old keeping me busy.

When I DO get it cut though, I always have these grand notions of blow drying my hair and styling it cute, so I generally end up with a side swept bang of some sort.  This is all fine and good until I get out of the shower, realize I have too many things to do to bother with my hair and I once again pin my bangs back with a bobby pin.

I have hundreds of bobby pins lying around.  I use them just about every day.  The problem is, they are less than cute right?  They're boring.  And frankly, kind of ugly.

So I saw the button bobby pin pin (ha) on Pinterest and happily got to work, since I had all the supplies already on hand!  You probably do too!  If you want to go get them now, I'll wait.  You'll need bobby pins, buttons, a glue gun and a needle with coordinating thread.

I glued my buttons to the pins first and let dry.  Once dry, I just sewed the button onto the pin, like I would sew a button onto a shirt.  

And that's it!  Seriously - easy, fun and cheap!

I got this idea from A Homemakers Journal.

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