You're the Boss Applesauce... oh and a GIVEAWAY!!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned at least once (or twice) that fall is the best season. I love it. There's something so nice and comfy about fall - or maybe that's the cute boots and sweaters talking.

Due to this great love of fall, I convinced my poor husband to drive us two hours away and go apple picking. - It didn't take too much convincing, he loves fall too. It was Macie's first apple picking experience, but I'm pretty sure we've converted her into a fall lover too. (I bribed her with a mini-pumpkin) We may have gotten a little carried away with the picking though, because we came home with a TON of apples and well, I needed to use some.

Since I had recently become a little canning obsessed, I decided to can the apples...Hello, Applesauce! I found this pin from Born In The Wrong Century and realized that applesauce is pretty easy to make. Basically you cut the apples, throw them in a pot and boil the mess out of them. I promise, it's that easy. 

I used my amazing apple peeler/corer/slicer that my sweet husband bought me to fly through a big ol' mess of apples. I used about 20-25 apples. After all that slicing I put the apples in the pot with just a little bit of water (so they didn't stick) and pretty much let them cook to mush. When the apples were good and mushed (yes, that's a word) I added some cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of allspice to the apples and cooked them for another 10 minutes and then, time to can! 

If you've never canned before, you can do it! Trust me, it's not that tough. You just need a few supplies to start and you're on your way. For this applesauce, I put it in the jars, added the lids and the rings (making sure that everything is clean) and processed the jars for 15 minutes. Processing the jars basically means boiling the jars in a basket for an allotted amount of time. Easy right?

Now, I know you are all scrolling through this entire post to get to the one word I mentioned in the title. Are you ready?? Here's the info the for the GIVEAWAY! 

You were wondering why I gave you a mini-pep talk about canning weren't you? I was giving you the pep talk because we (Miranda and I) want to give you some canning goodies to get you started!! We were lucky enough to score an amazing goodie bag of canning supplies from the lovely Kay at Kay's Simple Life to give to one lucky reader. This bag is loaded with good stuff - just look at it!

It includes: A collapsible funnel, a masher, pectin(s), the Ball Book for preserving, some dissolving labels and oh yeah, I'm throwing in a sheet of my fun applesauce labels (the ones in the picture at the top).

Great right?? I know you want it! Do you want to know how to get it? Here's how to enter!

Entry #1~ Leave a little comment telling me what you love about fall - it can be anything!

Entry #2 ~ Follow the blog and then post a comment telling me you're a follower - if you're already a follower, tell me that too!

Entry #3 ~ Like us on Facebook and then leave a comment telling me you gave us some Facebook love - if you already follow us, tell me that too!

This giveaway ends at midnight on October 13th, so get commenting, tell your friends! The lucky (and randomly chosen) winner will be announced on October 14th --- fingers crossed!

Happy Fall!