$0 Project? Yes, please!

So I mentioned before that I'm trying to use up supplies I already have on hand - we are in the process of moving to a new (bigger...) house (read: CRAFT ROOM!) and I am squeezing projects in between moving and packing.  This project rocks because it's a) easy b) free c) easy d) free.  Catch my drift?

Go get an old t shirt, a pair of scissors, your sewing machine (or you can hand sew it, honestly) and a glue gun.

- Cut a strip from the bottom of the tee shirt that is 1.5 inches wide.
- Measure the circumference of your head, and subtract 2 inches
- Fold the strip of cloth in half (right sides in) and sew a seam up the edge

(No, you're not crazy - that IS a different color.  These are so easy, I made two!)

- Turn the fabric right side out, and glue on a fabric flower

(you can find fabric flower tutorials all over the internet and most of you probably know how to do them already, but if not - the original blog has some or you can google to your heart's content!)

- I hot glued my fabric flower to the band and then hand sewed a few stitches for extra strength

Anyway, these headbands are really comfortable - they don't give you a headache at all!  Gotta love that. For the original blog check out Craft Snob.