Fluttering Butterflies

Okay so it finally happened. I had the cutest little project to show you and then I realized I was missing something to finish it. Yup, the one final thing to just well, make my cute project... cute (and finished). Why not run out and get my missing component, you ask? You wouldn't ask such silly questions if you saw where I lived and the lack of craft stores within "quick errand" distance. For now, my little project is waiting in the wings. Stay tuned though, you will see it!

Due to my little snafu ---- can I just pause and say that the word SNAFU is not used enough anymore ... snafu, snafu, snafu---- I decided to tell you about a little project that I actually did a long time ago. I keep seeing mobiles pinned ...

... like these, so I figured I would show you the one I made.

Before Macie was born I looked all over for a butterfly mobile that was just right. I kept searching but none were just right. After awhile, I realized I was getting a tad neurotic, you know the kind - the pregnant neurotic where nothing is right and everything is SO IMPORTANT! Finally I decided to just make one, how hard could it be??

Since I had no clue that I would be blogging about this at the time (or that I would have a blog, for that matter) I don't have any pics of the how to, but here is what you need.

 2-3 Embroidery Hoops (you only need the inside portion)
Fishing line or nylon thread
Hot glue gun
Scrapbook paper 
A couple butterfly pics - I found some free graphics online
Tacky glue or spray glue
White spray paint

Since I wanted the butterflies to have dimension and move, every butterfly is really four that are glued together. Once I found a couple butterflies I liked online, I printed them and cut them out. They became my templates and I cut A LOT of butterflies out of scrapbook paper. Yeah, it was super fun - a lot of evenings on the couch with scissors. Once I had cut out about a million butterflies, I started glueing them together. They are glued wing to wing, so that they will swing as her ceiling fan blows.

While all of the exciting butterfly glueing was going down, Allen spray painted the inner circles of three embroidery hoops with white spray paint. He also helped me string them all together with the nylon thread, it took a little more math than my pregnant brain could deal with. You can see from the pictures that ours hangs sort of kookie, it was not due to his math issues, that's how I wanted it. Yup, I'm a little off! 

After Allen connected all the hoops so they would hang, I glued a piece of the nylon thread through the center of each of the butterflies. It wasn't hard because glueing four of them together created a little hole in the center where they are all joined. I then carefully hot glued the other end of the nylon thread to the embroidery hoops. I wanted it to look a little random so the butterflies are at different heights... and....


For the record, Macie LOVES this mobile. She points to it all the time and spins her fingers at the butterflies. I love that we made something for Macie's room that she loves so much... and I even had one butterfly left to make this -

What have you made that you love??