Little Clips for a Little Girl

It's official, sickness has filled my house. Macie decided to get sick over Thanksgiving and Allen thought it would be fun to follow her example and then share with me. Yup - we are a barrel of laughs around here. Maybe I should make cute subway art for the house that says "Quarantined." If the sickness lasts too much longer I just may.  But enough about coughs and congestion, it's a downer.

In the midst of dealing with some coughing, I made these cute clips for Macie. Why did I make them? Well, mainly I'm tired of people calling her a boy. I've never been a big fan of BIG bows and headbands, but enough is enough. If I have to correct one more person or say something to let on that Macie is a girl, I might scream. I loved the idea of making my own clips because it meant that they could match Macie's clothes and they don't have to be a bow the same size as her head.

I grabbed some ribbon and clips and got out the handy hot glue gun so that I could get to work.

#1 I wish I could tell you that I measured everything out exactly, but well - I didn't. I cut the longest piece of ribbon about twice the size of the clip.

#2 I started with the under side of the top of the clip so that I could get around the entire clip in one pass.

#3 Just continue to hot glue the ribbon around the top of the clip and then to the clip back. 

#4 The easiest way I found to wrap the ribbon is to put a thin long bead of hot glue on the ribbon and then wrap fast.  Just make sure that you are pushing the clip open as you wrap the ribbon so that you aren't gluing the clip closed. I tried to get a picture of this last part for you, but I only have two hands and I'm not talented enough to glue, push the clip open, wrap the ribbon and take a picture that isn't a blurry mess all at the same time! I'm sorry - I'll try harder.

If you want a plain ribbon clip then TA-DA, you're done. If you want a little bow on the clip - here goes!

#1 Cut a smaller piece of ribbon and put a small dot of glue on one side to make it into a little circle.

#2 Put a small dot of glue in the middle of the top of the clip and then...

#3 Push the ribbon circle into the dot of glue. Hold it there for a few seconds to make sure that its really stuck before going onto the next step.

#4 Take a little piece of ribbon and glue it around the circle that you've just secured and glue it to the bottom of the top of the clip. All this bottom, top stuff is confusing!! Once you've glued the little piece of ribbon, you'll see you have a little bow. And then..


A fun new bow for my little girl (yes, she's a GIRL)!! I would show you a little picture of her modeling it, but she's finally asleep and we all know the rule about a sleeping baby.... NEVER NEVER NEVER wake them!! I guess you'll have to settle for a couple more pictures of the fun clips I made.

I still like the orange one the best. 

If you want to check out what pin brought me to these clips go over to Jones Design Company - that's where I was inspired!!

Go make some clips ... unless you have a little boy - that could be really confusing!!