A Mercury Little Christmas

The time has come. The time where all the Christmas ads come out, the Christmas music is blasted through the stores and everyone becomes full of merriment and cheer - it's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, I am well aware it's only the beginning of November (and I have an idealized view of Christmas), but while I was running errands today, I heard Christmas music and the new Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail so bring on Christmas (after Thanksgiving, of course)!

Once the music is busted out,  I go Christmas decorating insane. One of the worst things for me is... the Pottery Barn catalog. I've already told you it came in the mail, and yes, it is dog-eared. I found these while perusing over the perfect homes in the perfect pictures.

The Paros Mercury Glass Lanterns... aren't they cute?

There was a part of me that cringed at them too - mainly because of the price... and because I find it odd that they are outside in the "snow." Who would put these outside where they can get stepped on? Also, we don't have a mantle in this house so even if I did buy them, I needed to navigate where they would go. As I was having this little internal conflict, I remembered a pin:

It was a little helpful blurb on ivillage about how you can make your own mercury glass. Yes please. Lucky for me I had everything I needed (okay not everything) so I could get to work! I grabbed some of the supplies and got moving. I have to say, this is ridiculously easy.

Get ready, here it is. Spray your chosen glass with water (I used a pasta sauce jar). Now spray it with the Krylon Looking Glass spray. Let it dry. Yup... that's it.  I did one with a single coat and one with a double coat and honestly, I like them both. Once the jars were dry I fastened some steel wire to the jars to look like a handle and BAM - done!

What do you think? Now to find their perfect Christmas home in the house - suggestions?