That's Hot...glue

Life is a little bit crazy around here, and with a teething baby in the house I have been TRYING to use up what craft supplies I have on hand, rather than run to the store to get new stuff every time.  I do have a lot of junk supplies laying around, especially the basics.  It is always fun when I stumble across a pin that I can re create without buying anything new!

I saw a pin floating around Pinterest that incorporated hot glue, a Mason jar and some spray paint.  DING!  I definitely had all the required items.  

You can find the tutorial at Pure and Noble.

Basically, you write on the glass with some hot glue.  I thought this sounded pretty tricky before I even attempted it, and I gotta tell you - it is indeed pretty tricky.  Don't look too closely at my finished project or you may see some crooked lettering :)

Once the glue has dried and isn't sticky anymore, spray paint it until it's all covered.  

And this is what you have when you're done!