Breakfast in a Basket

I hope you all aren't sick of Christmas related posts...I just wanted to share one more thing with you, and since this one could be used for an "anytime gift" basket, I figured it was ok for me to include it.

In my ever expanding family (in laws, nieces, etc...) we have adapted the tradition of drawing names to save a little money.  As much as I love buying presents, it's kind of nice to have just one person to focus on (after the kids and husband, of course!).  This year we decided to draw names as couples, and I picked my sister and brother in law.  They were married just a few short months before I got married - and I know they love making fun breakfasts together.  I had seen some really cute pins on pinterest that inspired this gift idea.

I scoured the internet for fun "mix in a jar" ideas.  I wanted a muffin mix and a cocoa mix.  There are some really cute layered cocoa gift ideas (as pictured above)...but I got to practical is a jar of cocoa mix that is topped with marhsmallows and chocolate chips?  How do you get to the cocoa underneath?  It seemed like it was more for looks than functionality.  Then, one of my favorite bloggers (Annie from My Baking Addiction) came to the rescue with her Hot Cocoa recipe.  I whipped up a batch and then unabashedly copied her way adorable Hot Cocoa mix tag.  Then I made a Dried Blueberry Muffin mix.

In the basket, I added: 
 - 2 aprons
- 2 rubber spatulas
- a juice carafe and juicer

and I bought a mini donut maker and an electric griddle that I wrapped separately to give them.  

Added a tag and some cute red and white striped twine and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the whole gift idea.  They live in snowy Utah - wouldn't this be a great way to spend a chilly Saturday morning?

Oh, and PS...that cocoa mix?  To. Die. For.  Some of the best cocoa I've ever had.  I even threw in a few peppermint baking chips which melted and tasted like Christmas in a cup!