If you build it...

Christmas can stress me out... there, I said it. I know it sounds ugly, but it's true. It has stressed me out pretty much since the day I got married for one simple reason... I have SO many more gifts to get. My husband is not really a fan of shopping so the day he said "I do" it became clear that I would be adding his entire family to my shopping list. This stresses me out. It's a lot of pressure to make sure you are getting everyone the right gift!!! Add to that fact that my brother in law has six kids, (yes, six and yes, it boggles my mind too at times) and I can get overwhelmed at the task. This year was a little different, however. This year I had found a great present idea!

Megan and Andy Made

I decided to make all of my nieces and nephews a fort kit! I used to love building forts when I was a kid so when I saw this pin, it was perfect. I went to my trusty Target and gathered up the supplies that I thought I would need for this kit, including some sheets and got to work.

Because I had bought a jersey knit sheet set for my kit it came inside a handy little bag, and who am I to not put a handy little bag to good use?? That bag became the fort kit bag!  This led to another pin - freezer paper stenciling.

How About Orange
Since I needed to find a way to add the words "Fort Kit" to the bag and I don't have a fancy smancy lettering machine, I got out the old freezer paper and went old school.

I printed out the wording that I wanted onto a plain sheet of paper and then traced it onto my freezer paper (shiny side down). I then took out the exacto knife and cut all of the lettering out. Once I was happy with my handy work I found my iron (yes, I had to literally find it - I am not a fan of ironing). I ironed a piece of an old t-shirt so that it was wrinkle free and then ironed the freezer paper (shiny side facing the t-shirt) to the t-shirt. I then ironed another piece of freezer paper to the back of the piece of cloth. **I used the cotton setting because I was ironing a t-shirt, but I would use the appropriate setting for your fabric.** Once the freezer paper was good and stuck to my cloth, I got out some stencil paint and painted my lettering. I am inpatient girl and let's face it, I do all this crafting with the small windows we call nap time, so I went and found my hair dryer (and yes again, I had to literally find it) and dried the paint faster. Once my quick drying paint was finished I just peeled off the freezer paper and TA-DA a stenciled piece of fabric.

Now that I had a label, it just had to be sewed onto the front of my bag. After pinning it down and sewing it onto the front of the bag... time to fill this sucker up!

I put into my fort kit a king size sheet, 50 clothes pins, clothesline rope and flashlights (six to be exact). You could get as fancy as you want with this. You could even add a book to read or headlamps. I stuck with the basics. After everything was neatly packed into the sack, I tied it up and under the tree it went! I know that this was not the most high tech gift the kids got this year and I know it didn't come with cool games and music, but I hope they liked it. It was something that seemed like it could be so much fun to me!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are gearing for a super fun New Year!!