On the first day of Christmas...

I know that Christmas music can cause a lot of controversy. People either love it or people hate it. I am a lover of Christmas music. As soon as I can listen to Christmas music and not be called a nut, I do it. I don't really think that Allen is as on board with the music as I am, but he loves me, so he humors me. The one song that he cannot take - The Twelve Days of Christmas. I'm not sure if its the song or if its the Muppets version that they play all the time on Sirius that he hates. Either way he can't stand it. The most unfortunate thing about his hatred is that it seems to be the one song that gets stuck in my head. I find myself singing it to Macie, or humming it as I do things around the house. Of course whenever I sing it, I get half of the words wrong - I'm sure that doesn't help put any love in his heart.

There have been all sorts of printables on Pinterest lately. I have been meaning to print one out to throw into a cute little frame I grabbed at the thrift store and painted. You know the kind of printable I mean - cute ones like this.
Smile Like You Mean It

Because The Twelve Days of Christmas has been rattling in my head, it made me think that a little printable of this ditty would be cute instead - so I got to work. After some thinking (and double checking the lyrics) - this is what I came up with...

What do you think??

Once it was all finished, I just printed it out and framed it up and BAM - new decoration! If you want your own Twelve Days of Christmas, go ahead and download it! Just click on Printable and frame your own!

Maybe now I can stop singing it... probably not (sorry Allen!)

By the way -- Its 12 Days until Christmas!!!