When I was growing up, there were 2 holiday traditions that I remember distinctly now that I am an adult.  The first one was that we each got an ornament to open on Christmas Eve.  Every year, my parents would carefully select an ornament for each child and wrap it.  It was generally an ornament that represented us in some way, and our name was written on the back.  The idea was that as an adult, you'd have years worth of ornaments for your first Christmas tree.

The second tradition I remember was that my grandmother (who lived in Maine) would send us a box of Whitmans Sampler chocolates every year with our gifts.  We'd save the box for Christmas morning and then open it and pass it around bright and early while we opened our gifts.  In a house where sugar cereals were non existent - this was a BIG and exciting treat!

I'm determined to bring a few traditions to our own little family now that more of our Christmas mornings are spent apart from extended family.  I brought in the box of chocolates tradition, and I decided that a cinnamon roll breakfast was absolutely necessary.

Enter Pioneer Woman via Pinterest:

These rolls are pretty much fool proof -don't let the yeast scare you - and they taste amazing.  They are fluffy and soft and full of cinnamon-y (or chocolate chip...yes chocolate chip) goodness.  

For the full recipe check out her Cinnamon Rolls post and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweet Rolls.

I've done both, and they are quite simply, perfection.

Happy customer (wearing his much hoped for Cam Newton jersey)

What are your Christmas traditions?