What came first, the mitten or the hat?

Last week it got chilly enough that I was worried my little guy's hands needed some mittens!  I halfheartedly searched online for some, and then decided I would just make my own.  I went off to Disney World JoAnn's (yes, again) for some fleece.  (Yay 50% off fleece remnants!)

However, once I got home, I got distracted (oooh shiny) by a hat tutorial.  And honestly, if the kid needs mittens he's going to need a hat too, right?  So I put my mitten dreams to the side and whipped up this really cute hat.  Seriously, it's cute.  People have been stopping me left and right to comment on how cute it is.

Are you ready?  This is so EASY.  Did I mention EASY?

- Fleece
- Thread
- Scissors
- Sewing machine

Measure the head of the person you are making the hat for - baby heads are generally around 18-20 inches.  My guy had a 17 inch head so you can adjust accordingly.  With fleece fabric, you'll want the stretchy part of the fabric to be what wraps around the circumference of the head.  Just pull on it, you'll very quickly see which end is stretchy.

1.  Measure and cut your fabric.  I used a 17" x 14" piece.  You can adjust accordingly depending on the head circumference, and how much pom pom you want.  I just eyeballed it - and cut where I thought looked about right.  
2.  Fold right sides together and stitch up the side of the hat, making a tube
3.  Look at your lovely stitches :)
4.  Fold up a cuff of about 3-4 inches and top stitch.  The first time I did this, I just top stitched around it - the second time I did it, I was making one for a friend and used a decorative stitch right on the edge of the fabric.

Then you'll turn your tube right side out and start cutting from the top of the hat.  Make cuts about 1/4" apart and 4" down the fabric.

When you are done cutting, gather the pieces together to make a pom pom, and tie with a small piece of the fleece fabric.

Place on baby's head and feel proud of yourself.  You can cuff the hat up, like is shown here - or if you've sewn it with a decorative stitch, you can leave it as is.  Up to you!

And now, a gratuitous "Look how cute my baby is" picture.

And another:

Ok, I'm done.  :)

Check out the tutorial I used to make the hat over at Quilt. Cook. Keep