Fly The Banner...

It's your birthday! Well, not really. Wait, I don't really know all of you personally and I shouldn't jump to that kind of conclusion. Maybe it really is your birthday in which case... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And if it is your birthday, consider this post dedicated to you - I would never want to slight a birthday!

I bet you guessed the other reason I made a little birthday banner already (besides your birthday). It's for Macie. Remember how she just turned one and we are having a little get together? I felt like I needed a little banner to add to our celebration and there are no shortages of banner examples on Pinterest. Here are just a couple - there are TONS and SO cute!!

These are from Kara's Party Ideas, AlabamaSlackerMama & 3.bp.blogspot
After seeing so many cute banners and once again cringing at my lack of a Cricut or Cameo or anything else that does amazing paper cutting - I decided it was time to rig a banner!

I went to my local art supply store and got a pack of cardstock and some felt letters. I already had some cotton yarn (shocker, I know) and striped scrapbook paper at home. Once I got home it was time to cut. I cut out a bunch of pointed banner flags (sorry - no picture of the cutting, but I have faith that you can cut paper without one ).

After all of the banner flags were cut out, I went through the felt letters and organized them to make sure I had all the letters (PS - I was an H short and had to make one... annoying!) Since the felt letters I bought were adhesive, I stuck them to my newly cut flags and arranged the words backwards. That's right, backwards. Here's the reason. You need to flip each of the flags over to glue the yarn to the back. If you don't arrange the words backwards, you'll find that after you've glued the back to the yarn and look at your sign - the words will be backwards. No Thanks! I used hot glue to adhere the yarn to the flag and just pushed it down slightly to make sure that it would hold. To add a touch of flair, I added a couple of butterflies...

and now I have a cute little banner that says Happy Birthday Macie. Feel free to add your name in there if it's your birthday!!