Hit or Miss Monday - and the GIVEAWAY winner!!

It was a crazy busy weekend but I gotta tell ya - it's almost February and it feels like spring out, which makes me fall in love with the South all over again.  After spending most of my life in Vermont where it snows 6 months a year, this all year sunshine thing is rocking my socks off.

Now, on to Hit or Miss Monday! 

Jamie's picks are up first:

Hit - I pretty much feel this way every Sunday. I crave a chicken biscuit more on a Sunday than any other day of the week!

And Miss:

This is one of those outfits that make me say "wha?? why??" I do think that Kari who commented on this said it best: "Once again, just because you can doesn't mean you should." 

And my Hit:

This reminds me of my husband (shhhhh).  When we first started dating, he was always coming down with the "flu".  I had to gently let him know that not only is the actual FLU kind of rare (it's true!  Like 5-20% of the US population comes down with the real deal flu, but it definitely lasts more than a day...)  

And my Miss:

Ok, crazy cat ladies...I'm warning you to look away from the blog.  Something offensive may be coming your way...This made me laugh.  I'm not sure I need to say much else - it basically speaks for itself.  I mean, this has to be a joke right?  

Also, a big huge thank you to Bree at Coco Rose Couture for offering up a sweet little discount and beautiful rosette necklace!  The lucky winner is...

Send your mailing address information to thepinterestproject@gmail.com and we'll have Bree ship you the necklace!  Thanks for participating everyone - and keep on the lookout for upcoming giveaways!