To infinity...and beyond! With a curtain!

<--- That is me.  And I, like many other females, love scarves.  Can you tell how much?   That is the "I love my scarf" pose...

The thing about scarves is that they are essentially just a long piece of fabric, right?  So every time I plop down some cold hard cash for one, a little tiny angel (or devil?) tells me I could do it for less.  And, I'm pretty sure that little angel (or devil) is TOTALLY RIGHT.

I got to thinking - what did I have that I could reuse/repurpose as a scarf so I could be even thriftier?  I came up with 2 options:

- a dress (no sew)
- a curtain panel (minimal sewing)

Oh yes, my friends.  I repurposed a dress into a no sew infinity scarf and then I got super crafty with a never used curtain panel I had laying in a drawer.

I pulled out what used to be one of my favorite casual dresses.  Grey with white stripes, flirty shape, and oh...right...thanks to baby was also too small, and probably too short these days.

See how I laid my infinity scarf down there, as a super scientific measuring tool?  When I saw that the length was about the same, I gleefully grabbed my scissors and chopped off the bottom, making the scarf about 7-8 inches wide.  Because it was already hemmed, the dress turned into a long cotton loop.  The dress is kind of a cotton jersey knit material, so the unhemmed freshly cut piece just curled over softly.

Ok, now for the (not so) complicated one.  I had a curtain panel I bought a long time ago and never used - it was a cheapy one from the Target Room Essentials line.  I think I picked it up because it was on clearance and I figured I'd use it one day for a project. 

I laid out the same infinity scarf as a template, and cut my curtain panel to the right size. 

My measurements were 71" long by 36" wide.  When the panel was folded, the final measurement was (duh) 71" long by 18" wide.  

Then I folded the material so the right sides were facing and sewed up the side with a 1" seam allowance to make a long tube.  (You probably don't need to use such a large seam allowance, but my fabric was kind of slippery and I wanted to make sure I didn't make it all wonky)

Now, I should never have used white fabric and white thread, because it makes for crappy tutorial pictures.  So I am going to attempt to explain what I did next.  First, I turned the entire tube of fabric so the right sides were facing out.  Then I folded down the edges of both ends of the tube, to make a seam - and sewed around with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Can't you see what I've done here?  No?  Bah.  Sorry.  Basically you're just hemming the ends of the tube :)

Then I tucked one end inside the other end of the tube to form a big loop.  Because the tube has already been turned inside out, I sewed the ends together with a decorative stitch.  Yes, the seam will be visible so make it pretty.  But, since one end tucks inside the other end, it looks nice.  Trust me.

Can't you see that?  Ha.  Ok, moral of the story - Miranda is hereby banned from using white material for blog posts.  

That's the end of it!  Stick that bad boy around your neck and loop away.  Feel proud!  You're wearing a curtain!  Strike your best JCPenney catalog pose.  

So there you have it - 2 totally simple ways to make your own infinity scarf!  What random household items have you used recently in crafting?  I know I'm not the only one!

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