You Give Me A Book & I'll Give You a Flower

Table centerpieces have always eluded me. I don't really understand why they even exist. If you eat at your table, then you are constantly moving the centerpiece and if you aren't always moving the centerpiece then you are completely unable to see the person sitting on the other side of the table from you. Now you are thinking "Well, I never move the centerpiece because we don't eat at that table." Great, so you don't even LOOK at the centerpiece on your table because you never sit at that table. Again, why do we have centerpieces? It really doesn't matter, I'll keep trying to find good centerpieces for my table because it's what I'm supposed to do and well, the table looks a little naked without one. Since centerpieces elude me, I am always looking for a new one. That's where Pinterest comes in.
Sometimes I see a pin and think, I just need to try this. You know what I mean, you see the pin and think "it's time to create!" This was one of those pins for me.

Krista Sew Inspired made a million of these cute little book flowers and I kept thinking they would make a great centerpiece. It's a bonus that they are flowers that don't have to be watered and can't die! Since I still have tons of book pages left over from my Nook cover project, I figured that should be easy enough. Easy - yes, time consuming - also yes.

First, grab some paper (#1) - it doesn't have to be a page of a book (especially if you are still reading it), but I thought they were cute. Second, cut the paper into a wavy sort of circle so that you will have fun little rose petals (#2). Next you need to cut a spiral pattern into the wavy circle that will soon become your flower (#3). Roll the paper from the outside into a tight circle (#4). When you start to get to the center of the paper you will find that it is hard to hold the paper, keep rolling and then sit the roll onto the center of the paper (#5) - it becomes the bottom of the flower. Hot glue the roll of paper to the center and hold it down for a few seconds until it dries (sorry no pic, its hard to hold the camera, the hot glue gun, and the flower). And then - TA DA - a flower! (#6) Now repeat, again and again until you have as many flowers as you want. Since these flowers are a tad time consuming to make, I didn't make the million I had planned.

Macie and I went on a little nature walked and picked up some sticks from our yard. I tied them all together with some cute ribbon and stuck them into my fun mason jar that is missing a lid. After the twigs were sitting pretty in my jar, I glued my book flowers to the twigs in a spontaneous "grow where you're planted" kind of way.

New centerpiece - done! Is it the one... I'm not sure. We may need to date for awhile. Do you have a perfect centerpiece?