For the Love of Coffee

I have a deep love for coffee. It's a strong love.. for strong coffee. In the morning my coffee is pretty much a necessity to get moving. I say moving, but I mean function.. talk... become a human. I used to have co-workers that didn't want to talk to me unless I had coffee in my hand. These are the facts, I didn't say I was proud of it! Needless to say - coffee is my thing. My keurig is one of the most important items in my kitchen. 

I've been seeing so many cute Valentine's Day ideas on Pinterest and so many cute little printables.  

Cute right?

They sort of got me thinking because I am not a hearts and flowers kind of girl. If I handed my husband something with hearts and a cute poem about him completing me, he would ask where his wife was... and then he would laugh at me. I needed something to let him know I love him in my own little way.

Yup. I made a printable just for him... and for you, if you feel the same way I do about coffee. I don't really believe that Valentine's Day is a real holiday, but since I love my husband more than coffee I thought it was as good a day as any to tell him. If you love someone more than coffee - you should tell them too! Here's the printable just for you!