Hit or Miss Monday

So...is everyone all recovered from their wild and crazy Superbowl parties??  It's no secret around here that I hate football so I hid in my craft room for most of the night sewing pink things and throwing glitter around so it felt a little more girly.  Ok, not the last part - but I did hide out in there for awhile.

Jamie's hit this week:

i know i am not the only person in the world that this applies to. i go to target for soap and leave spending about $75. either i buy REALLY expense soap or i've just bought a bunch of stuff that i don't need but i NEEDED! PS - having to use a cart for your child is super dangerous. Before Macie I could only buy what I could hold, after Macie - I have an entire cart to fill!

And miss:

these freak me out. its like the angry pandas are eating my feet or super ticked off that i am shoving my feet down their throats. why would you want to torture pandas every morning??

And my hit this week:

I'm not trying to be the grammar police (ok, maybe I am) but this really does drive me crazy.  Should of?  That doesn't even MAKE SENSE. 

And my miss:

Admittedly, I'm no fashionista.  I like clothes and I LOVE shoes - but it's true I'm not in the know about the latest and greatest when it comes to high fashion.  BUT - these are, I don't know, kind of hoof-like right?  Like a big ol lacy horse foot...and I actually would prefer my feet not to look like hooves.  It's just a thought...
What did you all see this week?

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