Hit or Miss Monday

I'm sitting here juggling a few important tasks: watching the Grammy's, reading twitter updates about the Grammy's, feeding the baby and writing the blog.  I feel like a multi tasker extraordinaire!!

One quick thing before we dive into Hit or Miss - some of you may have heard that Google is shutting down Google Friend Connect as of March 1st, 2012.  We want to make sure that if you are a follower of ours through Google Friend Connect that you don't miss out on our blog updates when it goes away.  There are a few other ways to keep in touch, and we'll get into that later this week.  Just consider this your heads up!

Now, on to important stuff...

Jamie's Hit:

Everyone has to listen to wedding stories, its just part of life. Some are really weird ones (like a hurricane/gas shortage and the world's worst caterer) and others are super cute ones (like a surprise duet by the officiators). Not everyone likes hearing wedding stories, but pretending that this picture isn't staged, I want to hear this one. I feel like it has something to do with "Does anyone object to this marriage?" Maybe it's me, but I could make a whole story around this one lame picture!

And Miss: 

I'm not a skier. (I am an expert at going down a large mountain on my face with skis attached to my feet though.)  Not being a skier, I may not understand how a ski lift works, but this doesn't seem right at all. I just found another reason to not ski.

And my Hit:

This is so me.  I actually hate socks, but when I do wear them at home I am ALWAYS sliding around our floors.  I'm surprised (and impressed with myself) that I haven't ever fallen flat on my face.  *KNOCK ON WOOD*  In case you can't read the tiny font it says: Fluffy Socks - 2% Comfort, 3% Warmth, 95% Sliding Around Like a Ninja

And miss:

I mean, what is this?  I got nothin.  I'm all for self expression, but I'm not even sure what this expresses.  Plus I think zippers and hair is always a bad idea.  

Did you guys see anything crazy this week?