My Darling Clementine

We are big time fruit fans around here - at any given time if you peek in my fridge, you're bound to see grapes, berries and apples.  There are usually bananas on the counter and when they're in season - you'll definitely find Clementines.  I love them - they're little and cute, sweet and way easier to peel than a regular orange, right?

So when I saw that you could actually turn clementines into CANDLES, I was pretty intrigued.  I had my doubts about it working, but figured I'd trust in Pinterest and give it a shot.

So - I started by watching the slide show at Apartment Therapy, which is where the original pin is from.  If you want to try this at home, watch their slide show.  Seriously, there is no way I could explain how to do it...

Feeling invincible, I got to work tackling what they call, "Nature's Own Fuel" - I peeled my clementine veeeeeerrry carefully.  I poured a little olive oil in the peel.  I lit the "wick" on fire.  Ok, I TRIED to light it on fire.  I tried hard.  I tried a lot.  I tried over and over again.

It would not light.  I got frustrated.  I used up my pretty matches from Yankee Candle.

My husband yelled from upstairs, "ARE YOU BURNING THINGS?" I dropped half a match in the olive oil.

Then, finally - with a boost of determination and sheer willpower, I got that sucker to LIGHT.

I did a little happy dance (I do them a lot...), and then cut a cute little heart in the top of the other half of the clementine peel in honor of Valentine's Day...

So - it's cute.  It's amazing that you can actually light a clementine on fire and it burns like a candle (with a little help of our friend olive oil...)  But, is it worth the effort?  Eh.  I think I'll keep my Yankee Candles burning proudly...