In a Clutch...

I am so mad that my laptop is broken right now because this is one of my all time favorite DIY projects that I've ever done, and I can't even share great pictures of it with you!

All you need to know how to do for this project is sew 2 straight lines - and you'll have yourself an adorable clutch purse like you see riiiiight over there to your left.

NO I AM NOT LYING!  TWO STRAIGHT LINES and that's it.  Well, ok I added some velcro for closure and a button for embellishment, but that stuff is like child's play.

Are you dying to know the secret to this adorable clutch?  Well read on my friends, read on...

So there I was, minding my own business, perusing Pinterest as I often do (ahem) when I stumbled across something very intriguing - VERY intriguing indeed.  A PLACEMAT CLUTCH.  Oh my flip, are you as excited as I was?

I promptly ran my butt into the nearest Target and picked out a few placemats valued at a whopping $2.99 a piece.  Basically you fold your placemat into thirds - I did not fold my thirds evenly, but left what was going to become the "pocket" part of the clutch a little bigger than the flap part. 

Then, sew up the sides of the pocket part of your placemat.  When that was done, I added some velcro (or you could use snaps or whatever your little heart desires...) and added a button for a more finished look.

I found a cute summer placemat in bright colors, and decided to add a fabric rosette to that one.  The possibilities are endless - and who can get enough of a DIY clutch purse that costs around $3??

Hurry and raid your nearest Target (or Home Goods...or Walmart...or wherever!) and get to work!