A is for AiRpLaNe...

When I was pregnant with my son, Beckett, I decided on an aviator theme for his nursery.  My husband wanted a Tar Heel nursery but I fought hard and won (was there ever any doubt??).  I have been collecting bits and pieces of decor as I see it, and adding it here and there.  

One of my favorite DIY/Craft sites is Make it and Love it.  She is amazing, and oh so talented.  I can almost - ALMOST - spot her work a mile away.  (Or at least when it pops up on my Pinterest feed...)

When I saw this painted canvas art idea, I knew it would make the perfect addition to Beckett's room.

I already had a few extra canvases in my craft room waiting for a fun project, so it was a no brainer for me to put them to use with this cute idea.  Here's what you need, and how it works!

- Canvas
- Paint & brushes/rollers
- Stickers/Vinyl letters if you want any words (I used my Cricut to make the letters)
- a cut out of the object you want to paint onto your canvas (in my case, the airplane - printed off on my computer)

How to:
Stick your letters (if using) down on your blank canvas and paint on top of them with a small roller.  Let the paint dry completely, and then gently peel off the letters.

Then, print off the image you want to add to your canvas and cut around it.  Place the image on your canvas and trace it.

Then you will remove the paper and very carefully paint inside the lines.  Let your canvas(es) dry completely.  When mine were done drying, I positioned them how I wanted (sort of layered) and hot glued them together. Once that was dry, I added a few nails for extra support.

My little guy had to come check out what was going on in the hallway...

I think he likes it!  And so do I!