Reunited and it feels so good!

Now that Jamie has let the cat out of the bag and announced that she will be moving back to Charlotte (YAAAAY...and did I mention YAAAAY?!), we decided it was time to post a few pictures of her secret mission weekend in Charlotte.

We had the privilege of working with Rich Becker from RaeElle Photography, located right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  We wanted to update the blog with a little personal flair, so we asked Rich if he'd be willing to take some pictures.  Fortunately for us, he loves a challenge and said yes!

We knew this would be kind of a weird photo shoot - I mean, we're not engaged or married.  We're not even related.  We're just two friends who write a blog together - how would that translate into photography?  We weren't really sure what to expect or hope for but we had so much fun and I think we got some good results.  Rich didn't make us do any cheesy poses, although he DID make some crazy noises and faces to get us to laugh.  I'm pretty sure that's how he gets children to smile but I'm not gonna lie - it works on adults too.  Or at least those of us who look like adults but act like children.

Mid photo shoot, I spotted an old pallet propped up next to a dumpster.  So I did what any good Pinterest addict would do, I stole it and shoved it into my car! (and I do mean shoved...even the photographer got in on the action and helped!)

We also found this totally adorable coffee shop/antique store - what what?  It was like a bloggers paradise...

We had so much fun hanging with Rich - and can't wait to add some of the fun pictures to the blog.  Make sure to stay tuned this week for our 1000 fans giveaway!  It's coming up soon and you won't want to miss it!

PS - if you are in the Charlotte area, make sure to check out RaeElle Photography.