Spring has sprung!

It is definitely spring here in the Queen City (aka Charlotte, NC) - the weather is fantastic and the cars are all yellow from all the pollen.  Yes, that really happens.

Shamefully, I still have our JOY welcome mat on our front step from CHRISTMAS time...I cannot believe I just admitted that to y'all.  Seriously, don't judge me.  I got my butt in gear today and put together a cute little spring time wreath for the front door so hopefully you'll forgive me for being lazy when it comes to our welcome mat.  (I mean, we can feel joy year round, right?  Right??)

I saw this wreath from I {heart} Naptime and immediately knew I had to recreate it for myself:

So cute, right?  I have to admit that the temptation was STRONG to copy her teal color scheme.  I am OBSESSED with teal.  I can't help it.  I love the dang color.  But, I resisted the urge and went with pink and green instead.

Last year my mother in law gave me one of those brown grapevine wreath things - and I immediately spray painted it white...and then it sat, and sat, and sat in my garage for months.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with it - I was very excited to stumble across this pin and see that oh so familiar spray painted grapevine wreath.  It was like fate.  I could go into tutorial details here, but I followed her tutorial  and got busy.

Have you done any spring decorating yet?