The Cold Shoulder

<----LOOK at that shoulder.  It must be so cold there, just hanging out, sleeveless...

...ok, not really.  Temps are in the 80s here (at least for a little while) and it definitely has been feeling like summer.  The time has come to pack away the sweaters and jackets and pull out my summer wardrobe.  Except that last spring/summer I was pregnant/post baby and we all know what that means for a summer, lack thereof.

This summer, I have (thank you sweet baby Jesus) shed the baby weight and then some.  I am ready to revamp the ol' closet.  Unfortunately my husband isn't ready to hand over the plastic so I am forced to be creative!

FORTUNATELY I love a good challenge, and I love Pinterest so I don't mind too much.  I stumbled across this pin from PS...I Made This and debated it for several months (yes, months.  I'm highly indecisive, don't judge me...)  I thought the shirt was cute - but wasn't sure about the one shouldered thing.  Plus, I'm secretly fighting with the PS...I Made This lady, because I have attempted two of her projects and had epic fails.  But this one seemed to be pretty easy and idiot proof.

First things first - rifle through hubby's drawers and steal a white tee shirt with FULL intention of buying a new one to replace the one you stole.  Then, you'll cut 2-3 inches off the bottom of the tee shirt (this becomes the ruffle)  Cut an asymmetrical neckline by starting underneath one sleeve, and cutting diagonally up to the right side of the collar/neckline.  Then, take the fabric you set aside for the ruffle, and pin it how you want it along the new, funky, asymmetrical neckline.  Sew the ruffles on, and voila!  All done.  I did have to take my tee shirt in on one side because it was too big and fell down a little too low.  AHEM.  Can't have any wardrobe malfunctions happening.

I think there is some definite cute possibility with this tee shirt.  I think I might add another ruffle layer, maybe something around the bottom.  This shirt took me maybe 20 minutes to throw together, and half of that was taking it in on the side so it would fit me correctly!

Now...I'm totally ready for summer!