So the other night after I put the baby down for bed, I was getting ready to take a shower when I noticed this in my bathroom garbage can...

In case you can't exactly tell what those are - they are socks.  Mostly baby socks.  Since I'm lazy, and was already about to jump in the shower, I sent a text to my husband who was downstairs.

I didn't get the answer to my text until AFTER I was out of the shower, that's how long it took him to think of such a crafty response.  Let me stop here and say that my husband does 95% of the laundry in the house.  He hates when a laundry basket has ANY dirty clothing in it, so it's become his job.  Because I hate doing laundry and am perfectly happy with him doing this chore, I rarely complain about anything laundry related.  And yes, I realize I am very lucky that he takes care of what is basically the worst household chore.

However, THIS was ridiculous y'all.  First of all, baby socks are like, their own species.  They seem to multiply when I'm not looking and I swear they change colors behind my back JUST SO I can't find a matching pair when I'm trying to get out the door quickly.  Secondly, my husband is COLOR BLIND.  (Yes, I realize it might not be the smartest thing I've ever done to let my color blind husband do the laundry but it's a chance I'm willing to take)

Let's recap, shall we?  My color blind husband decided none of the baby socks matched and threw them all out.  In the GARBAGE.  Seriously.  I pulled them all back out, and all but one had a match in there.  Which means - he threw out several pairs of perfectly matched baby socks.


Anyway, I felt bad for my poor almost sockless little guy, so today I made up for his father's shortcomings by making this:

Are you already screeching at the cuteness?  I  know, I was too.  Found this awesome tutorial on Pinterest via Ginger & George.

I've been wanting to try this hoodie for awhile, and after finishing it, I'm kind of mad at myself for not doing it earlier.  It was much easier than I anticipated and it's so cute I am tempted to turn all his shirts into dinosaur shirts.

Supplies needed:
- Hoodie
- Felt or other stiff material
- Matching thread, straight pins, pencil or chalk for marking

Step 1: Cut out diamond shapes from the felt or other material you plan to use.  I free handed this, but Ginger & George gives you a template.  You'll have to adjust it for the size you need, so for me it was just easier to eyeball it myself.  

Step 2: Pin your diamonds down on the back center of your hoodie or shirt.  I actually drew a chalk line down the center to give myself a frame of reference.

Step 3: Sew down the center of each diamond

Step 4: Continue down the entire back of the hoodie

Step 5: Sew the triangles of the diamond together to form the "spike" I sewed mine up with a sewing machine and it went very quickly - but you could also do this by hand if you wanted a little more control.

Put hoodie on cute baby and giggle.


And, if you get bored...check out my little dancing dinosaur:

I know I'm biased, but it doesn't get much cuter than that!