Project: Parfait

This past week was spring break, and my son requested a trip to the mountains.  It was one of the craziest weeks ever, but I did make sure to set aside some time to take him to Boone, NC.  We stayed in a brand new hotel with an indoor pool and we did (and ate) whatever he wanted.

One of things he wanted to do was visit Mast General Store - one of our favorite places ever to poke around.  You can find all kinds of cool treasures here - so while he was looking at toys and candy, I found myself checking out the kitchen section.  I picked up some really cute old fashioned ice cream sundae type dishes and immediately started daydreaming of ways to use them.

We've given up dairy - but I knew they would the perfect dishes for a delicious parfait, like this one that inspired me from Jozi (un)Cooked.

The fun thing about parfaits is the options and flavor combinations are kind of endless.  I made a vegan parfait, but you can use whatever ingredients/fruits/etc that you have on hand.  I happened to have some of my favorite addiction vegan chocolate chip cookies from EarthFare, delicious strawberries and some whipped cream made from coconut milk.  I just put a layer of crumbled cookie on the bottom, added a layer of the coconut milk whipped cream, then sliced strawberries and repeat!

Every bite was DELICIOUSNESS x 47!!  Why don't I make more parfaits?