Stamp an Eraser!

I love finding little ways to personalize things for people - just a small little homemade touch can go a long way.  But - like most of you - I'm pretty crazy busy a lot of the time, and I need these little homemade touches to be quick!

That's why this project appealed to me - it was quick, it was CUTE, it was crafty and it was - wait for  Sign me up!

I've seen these pins before - the carve a rubber stamp out of an eraser idea - couldn't quite wrap my mind around it so I never paid much attention to it.  MISTAKE!  For whatever reason I clicked through this time around and I'm really glad I did.

All you need for this project are some brand new #2 pencils with unused erasers, an xacto knife, a ball point pen and some ink pads!

I happened to have all those things on hand (ok, I did scrounge through my 5th graders room to find some #2 pencils...) so I got to work right away after reading the tutorial on Wholly Kao.

First, you draw the design that you want on your eraser with the ballpoint pen.  Obviously an eraser is kind of teeny, so you will need to choose something that will fit.  Like the original blog, I did a triangle and a heart and then I wanted to do a cute umbrella card, so I also added a rain drop.

Once you have the design drawn on, you just use your xacto knife to cut around it very carefully.

Then?  Stamp away!  Make cute cards and envelopes, gift tags, love notes to your spouse or kids...such a fun and easy way to add a little personalization to just about anything!