Brass Lamp Redo

So, today I had a date with the dentist.  Or, rather - a date with my dental hygenist.  Yep, it was teeth cleaning day.  My husband decided to work from home so he could be around to watch the little one while I went to my appointment which saved me the  stress of having to find a sitter in the middle of the day.  Because I planned my appointment during nap time, I figured it would allow him to work without being interrupted by squeals, poopy diapers and snack time.

My cleaning got done quicker than expected, and after checking in Todd and finding out Beckett was still sleeping peacefully, I knew I had to swing by the local Goodwill and see what treasures I could snag in 10 minutes or less.

I also knew that I really wanted to find an old lamp to make beautiful again.  I don't know about you guys, but I think lamps are stupid expensive.  I mean, what's so fancy about a lamp anyway?  Why the $50+ price tag?  With a little vision, paint and fabric you can make a custom lamp and shade for a fraction of the price.  Call me cheap, but that is right up my alley.  I saw this example at Better After - the fabric reminded me of the stash I had leftover from my gossip bench project so I decided to put it to good use.

I really was hoping to score a nice, wide drum lamp shade, but Goodwill only had a vast selection of old, hideous shades there that looked complicated to recover.  I thought about picking up a new drum shade at Target or Walmart, but what can I say - I REALLY liked the $2.99 price tag at Goodwill.  So I decided I would conquer the complicated shade, for the sake of my wallet.  My husband should be proud.

Look at that beauty of a lamp.  The brass, the peach shade - ohhh, the horror.  I immediately got to work spray painting the base white.  I used a satin finish.

Looks better already, doesn't it?

Then I got to work on the shade.  I experimented with a few different ideas before just ripping the old peach fabric off and starting from scratch with the wire.  I then cut triangles of fabric to fit each panel in the wire shade.  Then, I took out my trusty hot glue gun (we are getting nice and familiar these days - I feel like maybe I should give it a name).  

Once the fabric panels were glued onto the wire, the lamp was complete.  Couldn't have been easier, and it looks SO much better!

All in all, I think that was money well spent!

Have you redone any old home furnishings?