Gossip Bench Redo

So, a few (ok a lot of) months ago, I stumbled across a posting online for an antique phone bench.  It was someone selling it for a ridiculously low price and I jumped on it before my brain could tell me, "Hey you -  you don't refinish furniture.  In fact, you know nothing about it."

I snapped it up as fast as I could because heck, an antique phone bench just SOUNDS cool.  I was frantic to get my hands on this piece of furniture - it took a few weeks to get my schedule to line up with the schedule of the person who was selling it but I persisted and dragged my husband out on our date day to pick up the piece.

Surprisingly, he was pretty excited and kept saying, "Wow I've never had a real antique before..."  Not sure exactly why this was exciting to him, but hey - it meant he was at least on board with me purchasing the furniture and all the things I needed to complete the redo.

We set the bench up in our house and I stared at it.  And stared at it.  And stared at it.  I wasn't sure where to start.  (Yes, I know - it's just a bench.  But did I mention I don't redo furniture?)

And it was about that time that fate intervened and Pinterest came to my rescue, because I found these:

I DID know that I wanted it to be a bright, glossy teal or turquoise.  Because I'm obsessed.  And since my living room has teal and yellow, I figured I would go with that combination for the bench.  And also, because I'm obsessed.


I can't help it!  I love it!  

Ok enough about me, back to the bench.  

Here it is before.  Boring, right?  So I hauled my kids out to Home Depot, armed with a picture frame that was the exact color I wanted the bench to be.  I labored and labored over finding the right color, and then I bought it in the glossiest form I was able to.  I brought it home and fell in love...

I kind of want my car painted this color.  What??

Anyway, I started off by sanding the bench and then adding a primer to it, just in case.  And by adding primer I mean dumping a can of it over all over the garage floor.

This is where I was very, very grateful I had been smart enough to use a plastic drop cloth before setting up shop.  Sometimes I'm too impatient or impulsive to think straight and it always ends up in disaster.    Anyway, once I got the primer on and let it dry, I started painting!  This was the most painstaking process of the project - those little rungs were ANNOYING to paint, and so were the grooves on the legs.  In fact, after several coats, there are probably still places I could touch up.

I had everyone I knew on the lookout for an antique type phone, because I knew I wanted one on the top of the table.  Even my husband got in on it.  In the end, my sister came through with one she found!  Thanks, sister!

To "reupholster" the fabric covered seat, I simply lifted the cushion out (yes, so easy) and noticed that the current fabric was just glued on.  So I did what any hardcore, serious furniture redo-er would do.  I gasped in horror happiness, and glued on the fabric I found on sale at JoAnn's!

I just wrapped it like a present and used hot glue.  Like I said, hardcore serious furniture redo-er.

I am so excited to have this project finished and in my living room.  It looks AMAZING and fun, and it's pretty much the coolest conversation piece I've ever owned.  Even the baby loves it...

(Ok, ok...he loves the phone.  But I am pretending he loves the creativity and dedication his Mom has...)

What do you guys think?  Are you a keep it as original as possible type of person or a change it up completely kind of person?