Picture Perfect

So this past Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a photography class held by RaeElle Photography, which is local to me here in the Charlotte, NC area.

I am an idiot when it comes to photography - and I have this nice DSLR camera with very little knowledge on how to actually work it.  And when I say very little, I mean VERY little knowledge.

So when I got the chance to participate in the workshop, I jumped - and it was actually MORE informative than I expected it to be.  I got so much out of it, and am so excited to start putting my new knowledge to good use.  I still need to set aside time to practice all of the new things I've learned, but just attending the class makes me feel slightly more professional and way more adept when I lug around my camera.

So I decided the best thing to do after taking a photography class was to fancy up my camera with a lovely little camera strap.  And it just so happens that I had pinned a camera strap DIY pin months and months ago.

This tutorial comes to us from Priddy Creations. There are a lot of DIY tutorials for camera straps, but Amy actually sells hers AND decided to offer up a free tutorial for the very same straps she sells!  Thank you, Amy!  Not only does she show us how to make a cute little strap, it's also super comfortable because of all the padding.  And her tutorial is well put together and easy to follow, so no - I won't be jealous or upset if you go to her site and follow hers instead.  

You will need:

- 2 strips of coordinating fabric 23.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide
- 1 strip of fusible fleece 21.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide
- matching thread

1. Once your fabrics are all cut out, you will set the fusible fleece off to the side.  Take your coordinating fabrics and lay them right sides together/wrong sides out.  Then you'll sew or serge up the sides using a 1/4" seam allowance.  I do not have a serger (saaaad) so I used a zig zag stitch.

2.  For my strap, the blue was to be the inside color - whichever fabric you want to be on the inside of your strap is the fabric that you'll iron the fusible fleece to.  Line your fusible fleece up approximately 2 inches from the top and bottom, and in the center of your fabric strips.  Follow the instructions of your particular fleece for this step.  (Or, if you're like me you can text a good friend who knows her stuff when it comes to sewing, complain about how you can never get fusible fleece to actually FUSE and do a happy dance when she tells you to stop being such an idiot, and use steam.  Ok she didn't tell me to stop being such an idiot.  She was actually very nice, but the steam DID do the trick...) Once the fleece has cooled, turn the strap inside out so the right sides are facing out.

4.  Once your tube is turned so the right sides of the fabric are facing out, you can now tuck the edges of the top and bottom inside the strap.  Fold the fabric inside the tube, and iron.  Sew with a straight stitch.  Then you'll fold the fabric in half, iron and sew up the side with a straight stitch to create a tube, like the above picture.  

5.  Once you have the tube sewn, slip onto the strap of your camera and voila!  Your camera becomes a fashion accessory.

(unless you are like me, and have had the craziest day ever and your new camera strap becomes the addition to your workout gear that you haven't even had time to change out of yet...don't judge me for being gross...)

Ok, go ahead and judge me in my nasty work out clothes.  And judge me for taking lame one handed pictures with my iPhone.  YOU try to find a better way to take a picture of your camera!  

I keep thinking about all the cute ways to dress up the strap - with fabric flowers or rosettes, or buttons and ruffles...what do you think?  What would you add to yours?