Super Dad... Printable

Hey Friends. I was going to write you a nice touching post about Father's Day and all the fun things about it and how great dads are, it was going to be a good one... then I got side tracked - big time. Let's just say that it involved shopping and Miranda. I refuse to blame her for my slackness, but well.... infer what you want. Heh. 

Since Father's Day is approaching and I have been looking for gifts (and making a couple), I started looking at some of the printables for cards or cute wall art. It started the wheels turning on Macie and Allen. I love the way that Macie looks at Allen. It's like he is her personal super hero. She gets so excited to see him, her whole face lights up and her smile gets huge. As soon as he walks in the room, I become the Invisible Woman (yes, I just threw an extra super hero reference in there). He is her favorite person in the world and it is the sweetest thing ever. I know one day she'll be a teenager (God help us!) and she'll give us other looks, ones with less adoration and more eye rolling. For now, however, I am going to pretend those days aren't coming and made this printable.

I think I'm going to make a card for Allen with it and let Macie color on it. If you want to print it out and use it for the super hero in your house -- feel free! Here you go!