Crib turned Art Table

Hey TPP readers - last week you might have seen our guest post over at Turning This Into That - today we are sharing it here with you, in case you missed it!

In addition to our Pinterest addiction, Jamie and I MIGHT have a small addiction to all things Mindy Mae.  Mindy Mae's Market has such a great selection of fun craft items, it's hard not to buy everything they post!  (ALSO, may I add that Jamie got me addicted to both Pinterest & Mindy Mae's Market...hmmm...)

One of the things that caught my eye recently was their chalkboard paint kit - I'd seen the make your own chalkboard pins on Pinterest, and wanted to give it a try.  For $3.50, Mindy Mae's sent me their kit:

Now, what to do with a make your own chalkboard paint kit?  I scored a free drop side crib from someone online, and we had seen a pin on Pinterest about how to turn a crib into an art table.  When the babies were napping, we did just that.  We set the crib up, omitting the front part (the drop side).  

We chose a bright blue paint for the chalk board, followed the directions that were provided in the chalkboard kit and painted it onto some mdf that we got from Home Depot.  They cut it for us, the same size as the crib mattress.  Once the board was painted, we sanded it down and placed it on top of the mattress springs.  Added the Beckett banner from his recent birthday party, a few $1 buckets from the Target dollar bins mounted on Command strip hooks, a few toddler safe crayons, some paper and a dry erase board.

No, we don't make the kids draw outside - we need to move this art table upstairs to the nursery!

This was such a fun project to do - the creative possibilities are endless, it was simple and easy to finish, and we love that we could choose a fun color for the chalkboard table top.  Thank you Mindy Mae's Market for helping us with such an awesome project!