Memo Frame & Sunglasses Holder

I am not the most organized person in the world.  Ok, truth be told, I may in fact be the LEAST organized person in the world.  I'm a spontaneous, fly by the seat of my pants, procrastinate until the very last second, laid back kind of girl.  When people are being nice, they call me a "free spirit"...  When people aren't being nice...well, I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

I generally proudly own the free spirit label - life isn't long enough to get worked up about the little things, in my opinion.  I don't like getting caught up in petty discussions, arguments or drama and I really don't like wasting precious time on ORGANIZING or putting things away.  But there is one room in my house that I really need to be tidy, and that's the kitchen.  Now...a disclaimer here...I am not even going to try to pretend that I am a neat freak about it.  Honestly, it's still somewhat scattered and disorganized, but usually it is minimally so and that's all good for me.

I have a hard time in a cluttered kitchen.  I don't like dishes out or on my counters.  I don't like wallets or mail piled high.  I can't stand junk collecting after meals.  And sunglasses...OH THE SUNGLASSES.  They have become my nemesis as of late.  Please tell me this happens in your house too...

The sunglasses have been driving me nuts in my house lately.  Since we enter our house through the garage, which leads into our kitchen, everyone removes the sunglasses and sticks them on the counter.  Then add to that multiple pairs of sunglasses (depending on your outfit, HELLO?!  *guilty*) and we have quite a mess at times.

I knew I needed a cute and handy solution to the sunglasses problem.  I pinned this memo board from Shanty Chic forever ago, and came across it the other day.  Hers is a memo frame but a lightbulb went off in my head and I realized I could also hang and store sunglasses there!  Happy Dance!

Ok, so I already had the frame (remember THIS post?) I told you I would eventually repurpose it, and I knew this was the perfect project!  

I gathered my supplies...

I used some cute orange and white striped twine I got from Pick Your Plum, and just started stapling away to the back of the frame.  I used one long continuous piece of twine.

The original tutorial used a staple gun to fasten the twine, but I am not a hardcore crafter so all I had was a regular ol stapler.  It worked fine - but I reinforced it with hot glue, just in case.

I plugged in my hot glue gun and while I was waiting for it to heat up, I had a really tough decision to make.  Phish Food or Cake Batter?  

I chose Cake Batter - and I had ONE bite.  SERIOUSLY.  I am kind of proud of myself.  Ok, it's not so much total and utter self control as it is the fact that dairy and I aren't getting along so well these days.  

Anyway, once you have A BITE of ice cream, meander back to your little station and get back to work hot glueing your twine down. (Yes, hot glueing is totally a word)

Speaking of hot glue - remember the Mod Podge swag Jamie mentioned in our Mod Podge giveaway post?  (PS...if you haven't entered yet, there is still time!)  In the Mod Podge swag were these awesome looking things called Hot Glue Finger Caps.  Say WHA??  I was so excited to give these a try - and check it out, no hot glue on my finger, just the cap!  Yay, thanks Mod Podge!

Once your twine is reinforced with staples and hot glue, we are ready to rock.

Hang on the wall, and commence organization - especially of sunglasses.

Oh, sweet sunglasses relief.  I am so happy, I can't stand it.  

Please tell do YOU keep sunglasses from overtaking your house?